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It's just a fact of life. I was interested to see what everyone's opinion is. Frozen xxx comic. Naked girls the chive. Good luck with working this out and I hope you feel better! Men jerk off to photos. The Chivery Aug 27, I'm not sure how, but he just always seemed to know what would have crossed the line.

People make mistakes, especially young men when it comes to their judgement regarding sexual stuff. Melanie Sep 27, We just have to work hard to push down the insecurity-based jealous rages. I saw a post a while back about this, but now its become a more immediate question in my mind… if you know what the Chive is, how would you feel if your boyfriend frequented it? Login with Facebook or fill out the form below Username. Chase Sep 14, Yes, he might have saved some pictures to look at a few times, but I wouldn't think of it anymore than someone saving pictures of a celebrity or maybe a piece of art.

They will want to hide more things from you to avoid fighting and hurting you. Naked girls the chive. I wouldnt say the majority is naked women — I look at the funny pictures and just skip over the naked ladies. Sexy urdu stories with pics. If the feelings that came from those pics are still pretty strong in the near future, maybe you should consider talking to him about it.

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Melanie Sep 21, Chase Sep 20, Men jerk off to photos. It is human nature to look. Real incest movies free. He looks at The Chive a lot, which if you don't know already is a site for men primarily and they often have hot women picture threads.

Melanie Aug 24, Chase Sep 26, You communicated something that bothered you before it got out of hand, didn't yell or throw things, and he agreed to stop doing it because it bothered you. You might hate the whole idea Whisper is the best place to express yourself online. Naked girls the chive. Does this mean your boyfriend loves you any less, no. Ultimately I said that you can do what you want; you can watch porn, you can check out someone in the street, you can appreciate an image on the internet.

So he uses The Chive app which allows you to save pictures you like to your iPod so you can look at them again. We're all human, and we all see people whose physical appearance we appreciate Overall, I hated the pictures. And in one or two places, hid my belly when necessary. Are you ok with it? Would he resent it, and think I was overreacting and trying to control him?

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