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High heeled moms

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I ask this because if your shoes have leather soles there is probable crushed bug remains still ground into the soles. My bf has been doing this for 4 years now and rarely had any health complains I don't have a pair of flatforms— yet.

I don't understand how come people enjoy licking someone's heels or shoes. Free ffm sex pics. Do you compliment on his work what do u tell him? Passive Collectibles Items Mom's Items. High heeled moms. I discussed his fetish with my elder daughter she was initially shocked but later we both decided that we would let him lick our high heels as it is not harmful to anyone.

Earlier he used to lick my heels without my presence but now it's both he licks it even when I am wearing my heels I find that really awkward. Have you ever asked whether he likes to be complimented about his work? The school shoes of my younger daughter are the most dirtiest and he locks then completely clean that's so weird. Views View Edit Edit source History. Whatever the reason, over the past two years I've found myself embracing the flat in ways I never had before.

Since the police are as helpless as they always are init falls to New York World columnist Alexander On Wednesday, October 4th, we will begin migrating most of our wikis to a new host.

High heeled moms Your 19yo has demonstrated his ultimate desires and where all of this really leads even if it does not happen. Celebrity Moms in Stilettos Jan 14, I like the idea of a flatform because, I would imagine, you get the comfort and support of wearing a regular flat shoe, but you get the height of a heel. Ayla kell hot. He most definitely has a foot and shoe fetish.

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Now I don't know whether I am doing the right thing do I would like all you moms to give some advice should I let him lock my heels?

My bf has been doing this for 4 years now and rarely had any health complains I feel if the shoes were worn, your son might form a healthier connection with the object of his worship the women in his life rather than the item of clothing.

Has he still been cleaning you and your daughters' shoes? I wanted to ask him desperately but then I thought if I asked him such a question now then he would feel embarrassed so I didn't ask him anything about that scene and behaved normally.

After all, I'm only 5'3" and have a rather curvy stature; high heels had once been the foundation of my vanity. Rachel weisz bum. Choose from over 40 different categories with millions of products. How long has been licking your shoes? I asked myself how can someone do that? If you consent to trampling him, be careful of sensitive parts e. You don't need to worry about dust. High heeled moms. June 18, By Tammy Gibson. I feel that have to say big "Thank you " for you and your son In true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I could tackle any terrain in the highest of sky-high heels, damage to the feet be damned!

Lujan no I don't give much attention now he himself asks that he wants to lick heels. September 2, By Tammy Gibson This post is sponsored by Neutrogena No matter what you are doing on Labor Day, you are likely going to be outside during the day- possibly … [Read More

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Perhaps it was that my arches had indeed fallen, increasing my shoe size and width too? Have you ever stepped on a bug at work, the mall, sidewalk, etc and then your son licked those shoe soles that night? One thing was for sure that he doesn't do anysuch thing in school or anywhere because I have got no complain of him from anyone. Also let me tell you he is very good in his studies and sports too. Also, have you been starting to not feel as awkward having him clean your heels? You also mentioned he also at times want to be trampled. Frozen xxx comic. One time in summer, he asked to her to spend the night in her shoes closet which she accepted.. Also I wanted to ask the dirt from the heels etc which goes into his stomach won't it affect his health?. Care should be exercised, especially with heels. You can get a ton of help on Femdom message boards!

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