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I dont know for her singing but she dances great. Blow job cum shot pics. Taeyeon and Tiffany are skinny but they lack something. Snsd yuri boobs. Her head had size of a fist, and her dimple when she smiled with her shining eyes stole my heart. Though, there is something about Taeyeon that rubs me the wrong way. Hyoyeon and Yuri 4. Quite obvious Yoona is your least fave. I've forgotten my password. Whitney Housten, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion all have marvelous voices and the prowess to really impress.

Do we have to compare their's too? All the girls are beautiful and who actually looks better depends on the what photos you are comparing, your subjective view as far as what is beautiful, and your personal attitude towards the members. I'm sorry but I think they all have the same size. Porn free movie com. Snsd yuri boobs. It was even said that in her school not university that she ranked an overall of second place. The girls have improved even in the littlest ways, there is no way for them to go backwards in their skills when they work to improve themselves every day.

And combined with her body makes for a very happy audience. Balls men tumblr. I really agree with you on the fact that Yoona is underrated.

Tickling anime tumblr

Off-stage Personality This is my favorite ranking because this is like their true selves. Frozen xxx comic. We also love it when the rest of SNSD complains about her grandma-ish speech, the way she steals complementary snacks and candies from shows, and her noona ish tendencies as she preys on younger boys.

Tiffany can find it rather hard to express herself on T. I definitely feel like she deserves a better rating thought. Snsd yuri boobs. Sooyoung with a bit more practice could be bump up to 5 6. Wow such a unique poll. Tiffany participated in the abandoned dog photo shoot and cried after seeing Sergeant, a dog named by Tiffany herself. Girls Generation Snsd Forward. Is she the best? Once a fan took snacks and a letter to the airport for Tiffany, but missed her by fifteen minutes.

Jessica has the most proportionate bodies of the group, and would have one of the highest scores for appearance. Jenna jameson 2009. An unusual profile of Tiffany husky voice, lacks control, suitable volume, volume awareness- super loud which she used to camouflage her high notes,no support- whenever she have a duet she always sings over the other person 5.

This is definitely noticeable. Sign In Create Account. Several functions may not work. Sex toys restraints. Snsd yuri boobs. Hyoyeon- Dancing Queen she owns that stage 4. I think your comment is one of the few and best comments on this blog.

This article is so biased. Since Yoona is my bias, I do barely comment on such things like these Actually, this is my first time. Sorry for my bad language here, I know that Sunny and Sooyoung have the largest tits because I secretly amor their breasts as well as the other members' breasts. Laura mitchell interracial. She is also considered as the smartest member of their group. She did everything by herself.

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Yes, some members are pretty talent handicapped, but not all the girls. I cant rank how big their round 1 is? To us, Yoona is more strong than cute: Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, her personality is not our cup of tea simply because there are moments where Sooyoung really has to turn it down a bit before she borders audacious, but overall she does seem rather cheery on television. Horny hot pussy pics. Basically, On-stage is for concerts and other performances, and Off-stage is for variety shows, talk shows, fancams, hidden cams, and other program appearances. She looks good in any clothes. Posted 02 May - Well it is kinda unfair that this truth about kpop blogger gave Sandara Park from 2NE1 a 4.

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